Hurry up and wait

R.W. McQuarters went down with a sprained left knee in the season opener and was expected to miss four weeks with the injury. Meaning his return might have been right around the Green Bay game, but McQuarters said the more likely scenario would be the Lions game (Oct. 20) following the Bears bye week.

McQuarters said he didn't think the injury would keep him out of the Minnesota game let alone four more game.

"I figured I did something (when I went down), but when I stood up on it I was okay," McQuarters said. "I thought I'd get a couple pain pills and go back in there."

Todd McMillon and Reggie Austin have filled in for McQuarters. The duo has done a decent job at times, but their mistakes have been magnified.

Austin allowed Saints WR Donte Stallworth to break a tackle and go in for the go ahead score. Still, Austin leads the team with two interceptions.

McMillon committed a personal foul penalty on a punt return that would have gave the Bears the ball at the Saints 35, but were pushed back 15 yards because of the infraction.

No matter who starts the Bills will try to put the Bears in nickel and dime coverages throughout the game because of the defense's inexperience at cornerback.

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache is confident McMillon and Austin can get the job done.

"Our young guys are good enough to get this done," Blache said. You have to understand, we had an opportunity to win that game on Sunday. One or two good calls from me down the stretch to help those guys, we win that football game, we're 3-0 and nobody's questioning those young guys."

"Every corner gets beat in this league and we had our chances to win that game. It's like anything. It's like playing bridge. If you don't have all the honors, then you learn how to finesse, you learn how to play the hand better. I just need to learn how to play this hand a little bit better. I've got a good hand, a hand good enough to win the championship."

However, the immediate question is are they good enough to beat the Bills high powered pass offense? Drew Bledsoe has a league leading 1,017 passing yards in three weeks.

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