Player Diary

A loss is never a good thing no matter what level you're playing at. I didn't like it in grade school. I didn't like it in high school or college, and I definitely don't like to lose a game in the pros. We just let the game get away from us. It wasn't as if we weren't trying to win. Believe me, we were. It was just one of those times when the game got away and it shouldn't have.

None of the team is happy about it. We had New Orleans down 20-0 and they won. You never want that to happen. We liked out 2-0 record. 2-1 just isn't what we were after. And losing in a heartbreaker is the worst of all. You don't want to lose in a blowout, but when the outcome of the game isn't decided until the last seconds and you don't come out on top, it's terrible.

I heard an interview Sunday with "Train" saying that he would gladly have traded some of his 111 yards if doing that had gotten us a victory. But again, that is an example of what is good about this team. We are all in this thing together. The team as a whole is more important than any one individual. I think that is a very good way to look at things. It's how you build strength and confidence.

Injuries are piling up on us, and have been since the end or pre season. You never want to have anybody out of the game, and you always want your starters to stay healthy. But when we do lose somebody to injury, it is up to the rest of the team to step up and fill in the gaps.

We are all professionals and we are here because we have the ability to do what needs to get done in any given set of circumstances. That's our job. If you are called into the game, you're going to step up and make the plays that the starter would have made. Maybe you can also make some plays the starter Wouldn't have made. I'm hungry and ready to do just that.

I am looking at the upcoming game against the Bills as an opportunity. I played more this past week against the Saints. I guess if you keep improving, as I've tried to do, the coaches are going to use you a little more each time. We are all trying to show progress and playing time is the reward for that progress.

Some of what I did against New Orleans was fine, some I wasn't very happy about. The bottom line was that we didn't win, and to me, the whole thing to me is about winning. I keep feeling that there was something I could have done to change the outcome of the game. Maybe I could have caused a fumble or something like that. I try to give the best I've got and until I'm doing that on every down, I won't be satisfied.

I do think that I am improving as far as anticipating plays and reacting to situations. But I definitely want to be faster going after the quarterback. It's hard to be intimidating to the offense if you aren't right in their faces all of the time.

Drew Bledsoe is a very good player. We all know what he can do. He has a lot of experience and he knows how to keep his cool. I remember watching him while I was growing up. He's been good for a long time.

He isn't as mobile as some of the quarterbacks we've faced recently. On most plays its most likely that he'll throw. He is very accomplished in the pocket and is noted for his the accuracy of his passes. He also has a good group of receivers.

It'll be our job to shut down that offense right away and keep it on the field as little as possible. That should also take the crowd in Buffalo out of the game and keep the stadium noise level down. We as a defense want to be very effective and make a strong statement early on in then game. That means rushing the passer and getting the ball any way we can.

We've just got to go out there and play good football. A game has a lot of plays in it and the best thing to do is to just take them one at a time. One blown play or one bad series isn't going to lose for you if you are consistently good the rest of the time. If we take care of what we are supposed to take care of, I think that everything will be fine.

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