Double Duty

Larry Whigham is known as a kick coverage specialist, but with R.W. McQuarters out until after the team's bye week and Bobby Gray done for the year the veteran will have to play in pass coverage.

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache joked about the Bears rash of injuries in the secondary.

"It's Whigs or myself. I vote for Whigs."

Whigham is came into the league as a cornerback before being moved to safety. He has three career interceptions including two off of Dan Marino.

Still, Whigham is known as a hard hitter, who often makes opposing receivers pay for catching a ball over the middle.

McQuarters was asked what Whigham will bring to the secondary.

"Probably a lot of fines," McQuarters replied.

The move to the defensive backfield means Whigham will be pulling double duty along kick coverage responsibilities. However, Blache and special teams coach Mike Sweatman have already discussed using Whigham less on kick coverage meaning someone else is going to have to step in.

"We're not going to let it water down anything. The good thing about it is Sweat's an old veteran of this business like I am. We understand that if we don't all work together, it's not going to get done. It shouldn't affect anything. We're going to have to use him a little bit more, but we'll also have some other people help Sweat out more. We'll get this done. This is no mountain for a climber."

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