Blache on Bledsoe

What is like facing a pocket passer like Drew Bledsoe versus scrambling quarterbacks like Aaron Brooks, Mike Vick and Daunte Culpepper?

"He's (Bledsoe) got certain skills and talents the other guys don't. The guy's a big, big-time quarterback. He's been in the league for 10 years. He's got a lot of experience. He's got a big passing arm. He's not as mobile as the other guys, but he's got so much more moxie and pocket presence as far as sliding around and moving and be able to sit in the pocket and make the throws. The guy's a quality quarterback with something to prove. He's got a chip on his shoulder right now and he's playing that way. He's playing great. I was in the division with him for a long time, never seen him play as well as he's playing right now."

Despite being sacked 12 times through three games Bledsoe seems to be able to overcome consistent pressure.

"He got sacked 4-5 times Sunday, probably got hit another 20. But he still had the ball up in the air and they put up 23 points on the scoreboard. The guy's averaging 30-something points a game and he's passed for over 300 yards per game. Yeah, he's gotten sacked. But sacks are just a statistic. It's not a great statistic. The guy's completion percentage and his ability to make the big-play is astronomical."

Bledsoe has a number of options to go?

"He's got a great receiving corps with (Eric) Moulds and Peerless Price and he's got the young kid from LSU (Josh Reed) in the slot. They're not only great receivers; they're good after the catch. He's got a good running back (Travis Henry). He's got a good tight end (Jay Riemersma). They've got some weapons. They're scoring points. We've got our work cut out for us. Like I say, each week it just gets tougher and tougher. We've just got to rise to the occasion."

Are you concerned that the defensive line doesn't have a sack thus far?

"The sack thing is not that big a deal. The biggest thing is pressure. You want to hit him and bounce him around. You want to try and distract, you want to try and have his arm not be as efficient at the end of the ballgame."

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