Camp Chat: DB Danieal Manning

Danieal Manning is arguably the best athlete on the Bears roster, but the team is still looking for the best way to use him. He's seeing time at both corner and safety at training camp in Bourbonnais. Manning spent time with after Monday's practice and talked about the first preseason game, utilizing the blitz more often, and playing the Colts again this coming Monday night.

John Crist: You finally played your first preseason game last Saturday night. How do you think you did, and how did the defense fare as a whole?

Danieal Manning: It was the first preseason game. Guys are going to come in and find out where we're at and come back and make corrections. And today, we came out to practice, cleared all the mistakes up [and] get ready for tomorrow.

JC: It must have been different facing another offensive scheme for the first time in a while. Did anything catch you by surprise against the Texans?

DM: Oh, yeah. A lot of guys was anxious to get out there and hit somebody. Those guys had a game plan. We had a game plan. Like I said, the first preseason game, a lot of things weren't going to be thrown at guys. But we just wanted to get our fundamentals down [and] base defenses down.

JC: We know you're getting a lot of time at both safety and corner so far this season. How much more is on your plate right now in the film room and getting enough reps in practice?

DM: I'll say I have my share, but they're taking their time with me. It's a slow process, but yet I'm still trying to learn each position I can.

JC: It looked like there was a lot more blitzing tonight from the defense. Is that something we can expect to see with Bob Babich as defensive coordinator?

DM: Oh, yeah. A lot of blitzing. We're an aggressive team. Coach Babich is an aggressive coach. The things we had to work on in the first preseason game, a lot of times we couldn't get our timing right. So we had to come back out here and get it together.

JC: You get to play the Colts again on Monday after losing to them in Super Bowl XLI. Will there be any feeling of revenge from you guys, or is it just another preseason game?

DM: Personally, I think we're going to go in and just play hard. There's going to be some of us with a little payback, but at the same time, it's a preseason game. We still have a season to go through, and everybody's trying to get better till our first game in September.

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