No excuses

Bears players and defensive coordinator Greg Blache want nothing to do with injuries as an excuse for allowing 98 points in four games, but the effect is apparent.

On several plays, the Bears' defense had Keith McKenzie, Alfonso Boone, Mike Caldwell, Reggie Austin and Todd McMillon on the field at the same time. None played more than a bit role last year in a 13-3 season.

"I'm not playing this hand as well as I can," Blache said. "This is not the same hand we had before. The secret is playing the hand well."

The latest injury is a sprained right knee by Warrick Holdman. His status will be re-evaluated Monday or Tuesday.

"The hand is good enough," Blache said. "The hand was good enough to win last week and the hand was good enough to win today."

Colvin sees no problem with Caldwell stepping in for Holdman if there is a need. Caldwell started last year for Philadelphia.

"That's why we play guys to be backups to be on the team," Colvin said. "We pay Mike enough money that he can come out there and get the job done. He did it in Philly last year. He's done it his entire career. So there was no lack of talent out there. There's no reason why we should be upset or scared or start to panic."

The Bears' remaining schedule includes seven teams with 3-1 records.

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