Surprise Move

The Buffalo Bills had a game plan geared toward taking Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher out of his game.

They succeeded possibly better than any other offense in their 33-27 overtime victory Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"I think by running straight ahead it helps to contain him," said Bills tight end Dave Moore, who had a huge hand in toppling the Bears as well as Urlacher with a 1-yard TD catch.

The Bills ran for 103 yards on 25 carries, their best overall rushing game of the year. And they did it against Urlacher.

"His biggest asset is his speed and by running right at him you can minimize that with blocking," Moore said. "We made him rely more on his ability to be physical rather than his speed. I think it was very effective in the run game."

It was no less effective in the passing game. The Bears had entered the game fearing Eric Moulds and the other Bills receivers with good reason. Moulds caught eight passes for 119 yards.

However, the Bears' defense shut down all the other wide receivers, holding them to five catches for 36 yards. So the Bills went to short passes and worked on Urlacher, the Bears' safeties and backup linebacker Mike Caldwell, who replaced injured Warrick Holdman.

Tight ends Jay Reamers and Moore caught seven passes for 84 yards. Backs Larry Centers, Travis Henry and Shawn Bryson had eight catches for 96 yards.

Moore caught a 1-yard pass on boot action, which froze Urlacher to give the Bills a 27-20 fourth-quarter lead. Henry snuck out of the backfield for the game-winning catch when Bears' coverage had broken down in a blitz situation.

Bledsoe started looking for tight ends in the fourth quarter on the drive to Moiré's TD. He hit four passes for 52 yards to tight ends in the drive to that score.

"The tight ends were running routes all day, so he just started looking for them then, I guess," safety Mike Brown said.

Bills players credited offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, the former longtime NFL assistant, for comprising an effective plan for combating the Bears' linebackers and secondary.

"Coach Gilbride does a great job feeling out how the game is going," said Moore, the former Bucs tight end who had been a problem for the Bears in the past. "This game really did have a good mix of run and pass. In the second half we were moving the ball really well on the ground and he threw a couple play-action passes into our game plan. In that scheme, we as tight ends had a much larger role."

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