BearReport Audio: Anthony Adams

For the first time in his NFL career, Anthony Adams played a game against his old team. While the former 49er isn't going to start at nose tackle any time soon, he should be in the defensive line rotation behind Dusty Dvoracek and will get plenty of snaps. Adams spent some time with in the locker room after Saturday's win, and subscribers can listen to that interview right here.

John Crist: Rex Grossman has been taking a lot of heat in this city for quite some time. You played two seasons with Alex Smith, another high-profile young quarterback, so compare how they are treated in the media.

Anthony Adams: Quarterbacks are going to be the most scrutinized in the NFL. The microscope is always on them, but I think Rex handles everything pretty well. And we're going to root behind him and he's going to have a great season. And hopefully we can go to the Super Bowl again and win it.

Listen to the rest of JC's interview with Anthony Adams, an exclusive for subscribers:

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