Halas Hall Report: Wednesday

There is a lot going on at Halas Hall today, including press conferences from both Rex Grossman and Lovie Smith, a conference call with the San Diego Chargers, and the first injury report of the week. As usual, BearReport.com has a front-row seat and all the latest from Lake Forest.

Grossman has no explanation for Rivers' lack of scrutiny
Bears quarterback Rex Grossman was arguably the most heavily scrutinized player in the entire NFL last season. Philip Rivers of the Chargers, another young signal-caller with high expectations, has not been subjected to the same high-powered media microscope. Grossman routinely gets killed in the national press despite the fact that he won two playoff games and led his team to Super Bowl XLI, but Rivers has largely been given a pass even though San Diego was beaten at home in the divisional round of last year's playoffs by New England.

When asked why he gets so much more criticism than Rivers does, Grossman had no explanation and even less desire to delve into such a touchy topic.

"I got my own worries," Grossman joked. "I think he had a good season from viewing it from afar. He went to the Pro Bowl, and he had a great season. That's about all I know."

Grossman continues to say that he doesn't need to use doubters in the media as motivation because he has plenty already.

"What motivates me is to become a great quarterback in this league and be a great quarterback for this franchise," he said. "It doesn't hurt when people doubt me."

QB Rex Grossman (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

No regrets for Tomlinson after attacking the Patriots
LaDainian Tomlinson is widely considered to be the best player in the NFL these days, but he is a very mild-mannered individual off the field. That's why it was surprising to see him boisterously bickering with opponents after last season's postseason defeat to New England. Several Patriots jumped up and down at midfield of Qualcomm Stadium after the 24-21 upset victory, and a few more mimicked Shawne Merriman's "lights out" sack dance.

Tomlinson maintains that he was simply defending the honor of his team and would do the same thing again.

"In my mind and a lot of the guys on this team, it was a little bit of disrespect that the Patriots showed us after the game by dancing in the middle of our field. ... And so as a captain on this team, I felt the need to go and stop it. And that's what I did. And yeah, I've had a chance to reflect on it, and I wouldn't change anything from that moment. And if it happened again, I would react the exact same way because I can't let anybody disrespect myself, this team, the fans, the coaching staff. I can't let that happen, particularly on our own field."

Tommie Harris in particular wasn't happy with the outcome of that Nike commercial he shot in the offseason that featured Tomlinson running all over the Bears defense, so Tomlinson was asked if there is an alternative version with him getting flattened by Harris for a five-yard loss.

"Have you seen one?" he quipped.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson (Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Injury Report
Rookie tight end Greg Olsen, who is battling a sprained knee and may not be available for the opener, was the only member of the Bears that did not participate in practice Wednesday.

As for the Chargers, WR Eric Parker did not practice because of a toe injury, while RB Michael Turner (ankle), LB Anthony Waters (personal), and C Cory Withrow (foot) only had limited participation.

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