A fan's perspective

Offensive coordinator John Shoop claimed last year he had a winning offensive strategy but I think his scheme or lack of is just offensive! Over and over I see wrong plays at wrong times. Last year the defense bailed him out, this year the unit is struggling due to injuries.

Ball control in predicated on one fact, you have more points on the board than the opponent. Ten in the box demands a passing attack that will stretch a defense, so you can smash it down their throats. 3rd and 3 against the Saints with the game at stake and Thomas with over 100 yards rushing and we throw a pass, not even to the sticks but 5 yards behind the line, to make the run now and eight yard effort! Result no first down. No win.

Let's see some real strategy from the offensive coordinator. The players have a lot more talent on offense than they are allowed to demonstrate. Let Jim Miller and his offense call the plays or change them when they think Shoop is wrong.

Now the big test (and Shoop you haven't beaten the Packers yet) so let see what you can do. Packers defense is terrible giving up 30+ points a game but we know Favre will put points on the board so we are going to have to score touchdowns too!

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