Bear Report Audio: Lousaka Polite

Lousaka Polite talked to Bear Report on Thursday about the Cowboys signing Tank Johnson, what to expect from the Dallas offense, and blocking for two tailbacks with different styles. Subscribers can listen to this exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: There was a lot of talk about the Cowboys signing Tank Johnson this week and possibly trying to get some information on the Bears from him. Did the Chicago coaching staff approach you at all about what to expect from Dallas?

Lousaka Polite:
Me being there the last three years, there's things that I do know about the offense. Basically, what I know, I gave them a few pointers of how things can go. But I don't know in detail. I know what I do know from when I was there. Things changed the last couple weeks. We watched the film, and hopefully we're prepared for them.

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