Soldier Chat: DE Mark Anderson

Second-year defensive end Mark Anderson was quite dejected in the Soldier Field locker room after Sunday's 34-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, but he did sit down with Bear Report for a few minutes to talk about the game. Subscribers can read that interview right here.

John Crist: This was a 3-3 game at halftime. Now we're here in the locker room after a 34-10 loss. Quite simply, what was the difference in the second half?

Mark Anderson:
The difference was the defense, man. I should say the D-line. We should have got [Dallas QB Tony] Romo down. We had opportunities to get him down, and we didn't capitalize on it. We left the secondary out there. They did their job. We should have did our job as a D-line.

JC: Romo was my next question. He didn't have any rushing attempts tonight despite his mobility. Is it more difficult to defend a quarterback who just keeps plays alive in the pocket as opposed to one that likes to tuck it and run?

: Yeah. Romo is a smart quarterback. When he's not scrambling, he's just making plays in the pocket. It's just the D-line, that's basically all I can cover. The D-line, we should have stepped up. And I take the blame for that, not getting enough pressure on the quarterback. And the opportunities that we had, we should have capitalized on them. It's just the D-line's fault.

JC: Lance Briggs went down. Nathan Vasher went down. Tommie Harris went down. Have you ever been involved in a game – high school, college, pros, whatever – that had so many big-name players get hurt all at once?

DE Mark Anderson
M. Spencer Green/AP Images
: No, man. It's the NFL, you know. People go down. And just whoever the guys backing up on the depth chart [are], they've got to step up and just play big and take the role of whoever went down.

JC: Jason Witten was the third straight elite tight end you've faced after Antonio Gates in Week 1 and Tony Gonzalez in Week 2. Gates and Witten had a lot of success. Do you think there is a weakness in this defense covering tight ends down the field?

: I don't think it's a weakness, but we've just got to go out there and just play. Play our ball – play the ball that we play – and everything else should work out. We've just got to step up, make plays, and help out the offense.

JC: Is there still a lot to be learned from a game like this despite the outcome, or would you be better off never watching the game tape and simply moving on to the next opponent?

: In this game, we learn a lot. Just seeing what we did wrong, and just go back out there next week. We got Detroit, and just go out there and play hard.

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