Wolfe Rookie Diary: 10th Entry

In this installment of his Rookie Diary, Garrett Wolfe writes about the quarterback change from Rex Grossman to Brian Griese, becoming a better player watching from the sideline, and whether or not he's frustrated with his lack of playing time so far.

I'm not quite sure what to say yet about the quarterback change. It wasn't a complete surprise that Rex Grossman was benched, but I hadn't heard the definite word on that until this morning when I came to Halas Hall. How it will change the offense remains to be seen. I think we'll have a much better idea after this afternoon's practice session with Brian Griese taking the snaps.

Sometimes a major change such as this one can alter the momentum of a team and take it in a positive direction once more. As I said though, it's hard to tell right away. I'm certain that the energy on the field will change in various ways. That definitely will affect the way that all of us on offense are playing.

I think that the only real danger you can run into when you change quarterbacks is, "What do you do if things don't improve?" I understand that there might be a time lag going on, where it takes a few games for everybody to be in sync. But you definitely want to see things change for the better as quickly as possible.

As you know, I've been on the sideline for most of the season so far except for the one play I was in for against the Chiefs. I've been asked if that is a frustrating situation for me, and I can honestly say no. It isn't as frustrating as you might think.

Sure I'd like to be an every-down player, but my role right now is very clear. I come in for special situation plays. Obviously I'm not going to tell you exactly what those plays involve, but it's part of a scheme that uses my abilities.

RB Garrett Wolfe
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Am I frustrated by the overall lack of production of our offense? Sure I am. Everybody is. As a player, you always want to get positive stats going for you. But I think the situation is being taken care of right now. You should be seeing a stronger result against the Lions this coming weekend.

Another question I've had recently is whether I feel that the Bears offense has become too predictable. The answer is no. There are a number of plays that can be used in a variety of situations, and I don't think that we are using the same things over and over again. But of course, with a new quarterback on the field, everything will change to some degree.

It's too early to know if that one change will throw opposing defenses off. At least we know for sure that the Lions won't have any film from this season with Brian taking the snaps. That could be an advantage.

You may want to know how much or how little a quarterback change affects the rest of the players on his side of the ball. I'd say that it all depends on how many snaps he's been able to take with the first-team offense during training camp and in regular-season practices. Of course, the more you've seen him out there the better. That way, as an offensive player you get the opportunity to learn his timing and his moves.

Brian hasn't been playing with the starters much to this point, but he'll definitely be working on an intensive basis with those players from here on out. We'll be doing everything that we can to make his transition easier.

Detroit will be a potentially tough game as their offense can be quite good, but I still feel that we are strong. Last week's game wasn't something we'd like to repeat. In this game, a selective memory is a valuable thing. We watched that film and learned from it. Now we are putting it out of our minds and concentrating on the meeting with Detroit.

Practice should be very intense this week as we change some things around. I think as a team we are energized and optimistic.

I'll hope that I do get in against the Lions. If I don't though, I'll definitely be right there on the sideline learning all that I can so that when I am used, I can be a better player.

Garrett Wolfe writes his Rookie Diary with longtime correspondent Beth Gorr every week exclusively for BearReport.com.

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