They Said It: Bears Postgame

Following a 37-27 loss to the Lions in Detroit on Sunday, the defending NFC champions look nothing like a Super Bowl contender right now. Head coach Lovie Smith and several Bears players addressed the media after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what they had to say.

Head coach Lovie Smith
Opening statement:
"It's kind of a broken record. I've talked about how turnovers kill you [how] how they beat you in the end. We talked about finishing the ballgame. We haven't talked a lot about penalties, though. That's an area that we've done a fairly decent job of. But today, all of those things fell through and hurt us at the end. We ran out of steam. We have some young players that tried to step up, but in the end, offensively, again we didn't get a lot done running-game wise [and in the] passing game. So there are not a lot of positive things for me to talk about, really. Right now, we're a 1-3 ballclub, and that's exactly how we play. The good part about it is that we're just finishing one quarter of the season. Big game with Green Bay coming up, but we have to change courses in a lot of different areas."

On injuries:
"Injury-wise, John Tait went down. I don't know the extent of his injury. I think we have Kevin Payne also, some type of arm injury. I don't know exactly what that is right now. So those are a couple of the things we have."

On QB Brian Griese's performance:
"It wasn't good enough. Rusty. He hasn't played a lot. The quarterback position has to protect the football. We turned the ball over again this week, and we can't do that."

On the team dealing with injuries:
"They're affected, but we had players out there that we feel pretty good about. Everybody has injuries. You get a lead like that, we have to be able to close it up some kind of way."

On what went wrong against the Lions:
: "I wish I could tell you right now. We gave up big plays. We broke down. We weren't able to finish the game. The guys fought hard early, but there were plays out there to be made and we didn't make them. Again, I'm going to talk about the penalties, too. [Penalties] kept them in there. Those are easy things to take care of there. We collapsed as a team at the end of the game, and we haven't done that very much."

On the pressure from the front four:
"We got good pressure on the quarterback, and he ran around. You get pressure, and then you're offside I don't know how many times. That is not good. We lost the football game. There aren't a lot of positive things for me to talk about. We have a long ways to go. Thank God we have time to get it right because we need to."

QB Brian Griese
On the interception that was returned for a touchdown:
"What happened there is I was expecting one coverage. I was expecting man coverage and for the inside defender to run with Rashied Davis and cover him on the slant. It ended up being a zone coverage, and he fell off late and made the play."

On the team's record thus far:
"We are 1-3. You are what your record says you are. 2006 doesn't matter right now. We've got 2007. It's about how we're going to respond. We've got a big test coming up next week. For me personally, I wouldn't want to have it any other way for us to get things back on track."

On the offense's communication on the field:
"I felt the communication was really good today. I think we were on the same page today with the communication in the noise on the road, which is not always easy."

On what he can do to cut down on the turnovers:
"Well, for me to continue to work with the guys on this team. For them, to get used to the way that I play the game. For me, to get used to the things that they do well and tailor our offense to those things. But, obviously, you can't turn the football over, especially on the road against a good offense."

LB Brian Urlacher
On what happened in the fourth quarter:
"It's a 60-minute game. Something about us in the fourth quarter is not good, and we need to get it fixed. I don't know what it is. [Detroit] is a good football team, I'll give them that. But we just didn't make plays in the fourth quarter when we had to."

On whether he felt the game slipping away in the fourth quater:

LB Brian Urlacher
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
"No, I didn't feel it slipping away. I felt even as [Devin] Hester ran the kick back, it still felt like we could hold them. We were still winning. Something we're not doing late in the game we need to start doing. I don't know what it is."

On whether all the defensive injuries played a factor:
"It doesn't matter. They don't matter. We play ball and fit up to make plays."

On how they can turn around the season after a 1-3 start:
: "It's still early in the season. We need to get ready for Green Bay next week. We're a bad team right now. We're definitely not playing to our potential right now. That's a bold statement. Obviously, we need to get it fixed. If we don't think we're better than we are, then why are we playing? We need to come back tomorrow and get ready for Green Bay."

DT Tommie Harris
On whether it was hard to keep coming in and out of the game:
"I mean, no. I believe and trust in my teammates. They do a great job, so it wasn't difficult at all. [It's just] one of those things. You just play through pain and trust that the guy in front of you will get it done, and they did. All around as a defense and an offense, we didn't."

On the overall temperament of the team:
"It's climbing. It's been climbing for us. The past three games the fourth quarter has been [rough]. We usually pick it up in the fourth, but this year that's something that we've really been falling on. We need to go back and fix it. It's not much. I'm not going to act like it's a funeral or something going on around here. We just need to go back and fix it, figure it out, and life goes on."

On whether it's tougher when losing a division game:
"Yeah, it's difficult when it's in your divisions. We played without two corners. We played without a linebacker. I was impressed how well we were doing before. Like, 'Wow, this defense is good.' We can come out here, and everybody is playing hard. Then one thing led to another. We got in some bad situations. [Devin] Hester put us back up, and we didn't finish. We have to learn how to finish in that situation."

WR Devin Hester
On this game getting away from them late:
"Most definitely. We've just been in a dogfight, and we were looking forward to this game to be our outbreak game to get us back on track and get us prepared and focused in all three phases of the game and step up and do what we needed to do."

On if he is concerned about the offense:
"It's not a concern. We're dealing with a process of just trying to evaluate ourselves."

On his great returns:
"Whenever you give good field position to put the offense in, it's a good thing. That's what I harp on is trying to get the offense better field position so it will make things easier for them."

On if he is in the zone right now:
"I didn't really feel in a zone. I just felt it was a big game, and I needed to stay focused and be mentally prepared. It's a challenge to step up and make plays, and I'll be ready for them."

On if the defense and kick returning is enough for the team:
"Whenever we get a big turnover and change the momentum around, we felt like we turned the momentum around."

On the Lions kicking it too him a lot:
"There are going to be some games where they are going to kick to me. There are going to be some games where they are not. When the time comes, I am hoping that I'll be able to step up to the challenge."

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