Bear Report Audio: S Josh Gattis

Not too long ago, rookie safety Josh Gattis was looking for work after he was cut by Jackonville. Now he's being asked to help stop Brett Favre. Gattis spent some time with Bear Report in the locker room at Halas Hall on Thursday, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: Mike Brown is out with a ruptured ACL. Kevin Payne just broke his arm. Adam Archuleta will try to play with a broken hand. Brandon McGowan is having trouble with his shoulder right now. Is there any way to explain so many injuries on one team at one position in such a short period of time?

Josh Gattis: You know, it's crazy. A lot of things can't be explained. It just happens. It's part of life that you can't explain [and] you can't look back on. You've just got to go with it and roll with what you have. It's like me explaining my life. I never would have predicted after the draft that I would end up with Chicago this season, but it was something that God had in store for me and it was a plan that He had ahead of me ...

Be sure to listen to the rest of JC's interview with safety Josh Gattis, an exclusive for Bear Report subscribers:

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