More Injuries

As expected Rex Tucker w ill miss the remainder of the season following surgery to repair a dislocated left ankle and broken fibula. The surprise came when head coach Dick Jauron said David Terrell had a stress fracture in his right foot and could need surgery to repair the injury.

David Terrell played with the same injury his entire junior season at Michigan. However, Jauron would not rule out surgery for the receiver.

"I think it would certainly be premature for me to say no to that because I don't know," Jauron said. "We'll certainly know more tomorrow. So, I couldn't say absolutely not."

Reports have Terrell missing anywhere from five to seven weeks. Meaning the Bears will have at least one roster spot to fill with Rex Tucker going on injured reserve and then will have to make a decision on what to do with Terrell.

The bye week gives the team the opportunity to sort out any personnel changes that might be occur as well as extra practice time.

"We need to improve and we'll use these extra three days of practice to work on that," Jauron said. "We also need some guys to heal up and hopefully it'll supply that time too.

"We'll look at all the possibilities as we get through this week and we have some time, so that's another positive thing. We'll have to make some personnel changes. We'll wait and see with David, but clearly we'll have one roster spot (open with Tucker). So, there will be a number of things occurring through the bye week."

At two and three the Bears are under .500 for the first time since the Season Opener of 2001. Jauron said he was disappointed about the team's third consecutive defeat and the loss of another starter, but stressed the fact that it's early in the season.

"The good news, if there's any, is that we're only five weeks into the season," Jauron said. "I believe there are only three teams in the NFC that are four and one, which means they are two games ahead of us. All the other ones that have better records than us are one game ahead of us. So, that's what we have to focus on getting our team better during the bye week and then go out and play the last 11 games. It's a long season. You know 11 games is as long as a lot of college seasons in that of itself."

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