Wolfe Rookie Diary: 12th Entry

In this installment of his Rookie Diary, Garrett Wolfe writes about the sense of urgency in the locker room, playing at Lambeau Field for the first time, and if the switch at quarterback from Rex Grossman to Brian Griese affected him at all.

It was very good to get the win in Green Bay last weekend. It was our rivalry game, and even more than that, there definitely was the feeling within the team that it was time to turn things around as we entered the second quarter of our season.

Things hadn't gone the way we'd wanted them to in recent games, so we were more than ready for a win. The team was aware that this game could be a turning point for us. There was a sense of urgency and heightened expectations. We understood the importance of executing and raising the level of our play. Every game is a must-win situation, but this particular game was very important at this stage of the season.

Going to Green Bay was quite an experience. As a rookie, of course, this was the first time I'd been with the Bears at Lambeau Field. What a great stadium. It's the emotional center of the city of Green Bay. You can really feel the sense of history. And the fans are wild. Everybody in their green and gold shouting at you. There's a definite intensity that you feel from the time you arrive until you are heading back home again.

The noise level at Soldier Field can get pretty high, but at Lambeau, if you are the opposing team, it's amazing. There are times when it was impossible to hear. We practiced last week with this problem in mind, so it didn't prove to be too much of a distraction. And if anything, the added noise and fan participation just made us want to go out there and play even harder.

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We felt confident heading into the Green Bay game. We knew that they had a streak going, but that wasn't ever a major concern. We just felt ready, and we were certain that we could win. I think that attitude can play a major part in whether or not you succeed, so this definitely helped us come out ahead.

I've been asked if I noticed any difference with the change at quarterback. Speaking as a situational player, I'd say that the answer would be no. Anybody who wants me to take the ball is fine. It makes no difference at all. Perhaps players who have worked more with Rex Grossman would notice a subtle change in the timing of a play, but I felt just as I always did. For me it's all in making the plays, not necessarily in who might be holding the ball before it comes into my hands.

Our offense started slowly but built as the game moved forward. We were moving the ball a little faster downfield against the Packers by the start of the second half. Coming back from a 10-point deficit at the beginning of the fourth quarter was significant. That's the kind of momentum that will get a win.

The offensive attack was balanced with a mix of running and passing. The more options you have in this kind of a situation, the better. And our defense made some huge plays.

The win was a complete team effort. Our guys on defense did a great job in getting the ball back to us. Brett Favre started strong but was shut down as the game progressed. Turnovers by the Packers were key. Also important was the fact that for our team, no one unit was on the field for an extended period of time. If you can balance things out like that, it usually pays off by the end of the game.

The Vikings will be a challenge this coming weekend. They have a strong defense, so it's necessary to be at the top of our game. I'm definitely looking forward to Sunday. It will be great to be back at Soldier Field after a two-game road trip. You always play better when you're in front of your own fans. I'm hoping for more time on the field eventually. I realize that's something I have to earn, so I'm working hard to accomplish that.

Garrett Wolfe writes his Rookie Diary with longtime correspondent Beth Gorr every week exclusively for BearReport.com.

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