Halas Hall Chat: RB Adrian Peterson

Tailback Adrian Peterson talked with Bear Report before Thursday's practice at Halas Hall about last week's improvements on offense, the value of special teams, and if he can help Cedric Benson be more successful in the running game.

John Crist: Aside from the raw numbers themselves in terms of yards and points, what did the offense do last week in Green Bay that was such an improvement?

Adrian Peterson: Converting on third down, I think, and just staying on the field. If you look at all our games earlier, we couldn't stay on the field on third downs. I think converting kept drives alive for us.

JC: Offensive coordinator Ron Turner called a much different game against the Packers than he did against the Lions. Was that how you practiced it all week, committing to the running game again and not asking QB Brian Griese to throw so many passes?

AP: That's how it is every week. But I know [in] our game against the Cowboys, we got down. And you can't smash-mouth it when you're down 16 [or] 17 points, so I think the game kind of dictates how you call the offense.

JC: You've always appreciated special teams because that's where you really excel. How important are Robbie Gould and Brad Maynard to this team because they're arguably the best kicking-and-punting combination in the league?

RB Adrian Peterson
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AP: It' great because we all know if we get in field-goal range, it's going in more times than it's not going in. It's a team sport. You've got to have good special teams, a good offense, and a good defense. You can't just have one great thing and garbage in the other ones.

JC: Obviously, Minnesota has the best rushing defense in the entire NFL. How do you balance between doing what you want to do offensively and specifically game-planning against another team's strengths and weaknesses?

AP: I think that's called coaching. You can't just bang on something that's not going to open. You have options, and I guess you weigh all your options and find something that's going to work for you.

JC: Cedric Benson seemed to be at his best last season when he was splitting time with Thomas Jones and having to prove himself every time he got the football. If you started to get more playing time on offense, do you think that might light a fire under Benson again?

AP: I don't know. I mean, I don't know what's going through his head. All of us have our own goals, so I can't say if that's something good or not. I don't know. Really, I don't now.

JC: But you certainly wouldn't mind getting more carries, would you?

AP: Oh, no. I wouldn't mind getting more carries now. Yeah, don't get that wrong.

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