Bryan knight

It was great to get the experience of being in a Monday Night game, but it definitely wasn't good to lose. The emotions were running high in the locker room before that game. Really, there had been great anticipation among the team all week. Everybody wanted to play against the Packers. You can be sure that everybody wanted to beat the Packers. That's why I'd say that this was a particularly hard loss.

As a rookie, I don't have the history of playing in this rivalry, but it wasn't hard to see how important a game it was. The crowd was electric. You could tell from the field that they couldn't wait for the game to start. The closest comparison I can make is that of a bit college rivalry. I'm sure that if the Bears had gone ahead and stayed ahead, crowd noise would have been a big factor. Believe me, it can get pretty loud in that stadium. As it was, the Packers took our crowd out pretty early in the game and noise didn't make much of a difference.

We have sustained injuries again. Rex Tucker will be out, they say, for a few months. I don't know exactly what David Terrell's status is, but I've heard that he may be scheduled for surgery sometime this week. If that is true, he'll probably be out for a while as well. You never want to see somebody go down and it seems that our team has had more than its share of that so far this season.

Coach Blache has told us that this is the way things go sometimes in this league. I guess that the Bears were lucky last year to have had so few players get hurt. From now on, it's up to us to hang in there and to get things done. That's the job we were hired to do. Two new players, Vinny Sutherland and Ernest Grant have been signed and it will be interesting to see what they can bring to the team.

The morale of the team was pretty low after the game. There was some mood swings Sunday night with some players feeling worse than others were, but I think that we'll definitely be all right. It was a long trip home from Champaign, however.

We've lost a few games in a row and that's never good. It's clear that we aren't excelling at anything right now so we have to go back to the basics and simply get better. It's definitely not the fault of any one person. The responsibility belongs to all of us. There are still 11 more games to go. There's a lot of football ahead and time to turn things around.

We have pride and feel that we are much better than this. I think that this is particularly true for the rookies. I feel that I haven't done anything so far this year but that doesn't mean that the desire isn't there. In fact, week after week, I find that I am getting hungrier and hungrier. We all want to succeed. If we didn't want to win and if we didn't believe that we could win, there would be no point in going out on the field.

How are we going to handle things? Just the same way we always do. Go out and practice hard. Study game films. Try to get better. Coach Blache says to study the details because those are the things that can come back and bite you. You have to pay attention all of the time.

I don't think that there will be any really big changes in the game plan for the upcoming contest against Detroit. We want to be aggressive on both offense and defense. It's important to make a statement early, particularly in an away game.

I'm still working on the things I have concentrated on since camp began. I'm increasing my speed and strength, learning plays, and finding out how to make an impact. I have a way to go at this point, but I do feel that I am making progress toward being the kind of player that I want to be.

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