Alex brown

That was a tough loss. You never want to lose to anybody, but losing to Green Bay is worse. The Green Bay offensive line is good, but clearly, the key to this particular game was their quarterback. There's no doubt that Brett Favre is one of the most skilled players at that position in the NFL.

I wouldn't say that our team is discouraged, but after we left the field everyone knew that we had a lot of things that we needed to work on. Obviously, the reason that we are playing is that we want to win. We expect to win. When that doesn't happen it can get frustrating. What can we do about it? We can get better then make sure this doesn't happen again. There will be another chance against the Packers later in the season.

I had more playing time last week against the Packers. That's good because the more you are on the field the better you will be. I still feel that I have a lot to learn. The only way to do that is to work hard every day. Games aren't necessarily won on Sundays. It's the work and effort you put in during the week that counts. That's what can help you or haunt you when game time comes.

Being on the field for a nationally televised Monday night game was exciting. Unbelievable really. As a kid that is something you always watched, wondering if you'd ever get the chance to be there yourself. Then, there you are. What an experience!

There was a different energy in the locker room before that game. The anticipation was tremendous. You know that it is being watched by players and fans all over the country and around the world. You can be sure that we all wanted to do our best under those circumstances.

There were more injuries this week, which is never a good thing. There was some talk that part of the recent injury problem has been due to the turf in Champaign. I really don't think that's the case. Players are accustomed to many different types of surfaces. Injuries happen. That's part of the game.

We have to regroup now and work out our game plans to fit the skills of the players who are still active. Adversity is the thing that tests the character of a team. We have good character and I feel that this is something that we can overcome.

There have been a lot of changes on both lines during the past few weeks as players have gone down and new players have come in. I don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes somebody new can bring you a spark that wouldn't have been there otherwise. You just never know until it happens. I just don't feel that the situation is that bad. We'll push through it. What I do think is important though is that each player stays responsible for his own position. I can't help it if, say, Bryan Knight misses a tackle. I need to concentrate on my job and give it my all. It is my goal to get better every week and that's what I intend to do.

The fact that this is a bye week is definitely a good thing. Everybody can use a rest. It's a chance for those who are inured to heal up a bit and to get a fresh perspective on things.

We want to be ready for the next game against Detroit in their new stadium. They have another potentially tough offense and we need to be ready. Harrington has been playing pretty well so far. We'll be heading into the next game expecting to win. That's the way it should be. You can be sure that we'll give our best effort to be sure that's what will happen.

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