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The Bears played poorly at home once again in Sunday's 16-7 loss to the Lions, and right tackle Fred Miller just doesn't understand why. Miller spent some time with Bear Report in the locker room at Soldier Field after the game, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: You've played eight football games, but the rushing attack has really gotten it going only once – Week 2 against Kansas City. At what point do you start questioning if you're doing things fundamentally wrong on the ground?

Fred Miller: I guess you always question it, especially when you don't go out and have a successful day. It's really hard to explain because we don't know what's going well. We've been practicing well. We're doing the things that we need to do in practice, but it just hasn't been transferring over to the games. So we'll have to probably change up and do some things different, and we'll see what it is.

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