Reality Check

Wake up call, Brian Urlacher is not God! Despite his superstar status as a pro-bowl middle linebacker, Urlacher is not an offensive threat what so ever.

On a crucial fourth down in Packer territory already down by double digits, the Bears tried to pull some magic out of their hat. With a 53-yard field goal facing them on a crucial fourth down and four already down 21-7, the Bears decide to see if they can catch the Packers defense off guard. The Bears came out with most of their normal field goal package, then their entire line shifted to the wide side of the field, including placekicker Paul Edinger. Long snapper Patrick Mannelly then snapped the ball to Marty Booker who had linebacker Brian Urlacher behind him. Booker sprinted to the right side of the field in an attempt to make it to the first down marker, but in the face of pressure from Packer defenders, he pitched the ball to a trailing Urlacher. He then threw the ball to Mannelly who had attempted to slip out into the open field and go unnoticed to Packer defenders. Unfortunately for the bears, Mannelly was open enough to make the grab, but Urlacher did not make an accurate throw.

"Every time in practice I threw it way out in front of him, and then I get in the game and threw it behind him," said Urlacher regarding the trick play. "I didn't see him until the last minute, he was open and I just under threw him a little bit."

Jauron said it was right on the edge of Paul Edinger's range. Although, Edinger has shown he can hit a 53-yarder, early this season he attempted a 58-yarder at the end of the first half, he had the distance but just pushed it wide of the post.

"We liked the play and we've worked on the play for two years and decided it was time to run it," Jauron said. "Felt like if you miss the field goal from there obviously it's from the spot, so we're seven yards closer if it doesn't work. We were really confident that it would work. You know they did a nice job defending it, but I felt good about trying it. I liked the play."

Down 21-7 in the second quarter, and having trouble moving the ball at all, why not try and put some points on the board? Any momentum shift the Bears could get would have been helpful after the shredding the Bears defense took through that point in the game. Hey, anything would have been better than that play!

Urlacher is an athletic middle linebacker. There isn't a problem with him being he in the play, but throwing the ball is a bit excessive. If they were insistent on having Urlacher in the play, why not snap it to him, and let him pitch it to Marty Booker, who was a high school quarterback, and the Bears emergency quarterback. This way there will be a capable thrower, and Urlacher could have been a lead blocker for Booker to give him time to throw the ball, or in case Booker needs to run it. Instead, Urlacher is the one throwing the ball, with the smaller Booker as his blocker and it didn't work!

To top it off, Patrick Mannelly is the one catching the ball? Are you kidding? Mannelly is one of the best long-snappers in football, but he is not the best pass catcher in out line-up. Sure, the designers of the play wanted to make it look as if it was a normal field goal to start off with, having Mannelly out there to snap the ball, but why not switch it up after the shift, to have a semi-capable pass catcher behind there? Instead, the play goes on as planned, and the slow Mannelly squeaks out into the open field, with a defender trailing him, and as Urlacher makes the throw it rides in on him, and he can't adjust to make the play. Unless it was a perfect throw from Urlacher, there was little chance that Mannelly was going to catch the ball. Also, once he caught the ball, what was he going to do with it, the best portrayal of his run would be paralleled with that of Keith Traylor's interception return last year.

So what's the conclusion to this story you might ask? Solution one, take the points, try and add three to the scoreboard and play some defense, or two, line up toe-to-toe and gain four yards. So the next time the Bears coaches decide to devise a trick play, hopefully they will have the proper personnel out there to get the job done.

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