Stats Pack: Bears' Offensive Woes

The Bears have been woeful on offense for much of the season no matter who's under center, but here are some below-the-radar numbers for the Monsters of the Midway that show they've been even more offensively offensive than the standard statistics indicate.

The Chicago Bears are tied for the NFL lead in number of offensive possessions this season. Ironically, they join San Francisco's anemic offensive attack as one of the two teams who have had 100 chances so far to put points on the board.

It's just a shame they've been squandering them at a horrible rate.

Chicago has managed just 12 touchdown drives, putting them in a tie for 25th-worst in the league along with Denver and Kansas City.

The only teams with worse results are the 49ers with 10 touchdowns, the Bills, Ravens, and Falcons with nine, and the Rams with a league-worst seven. And while Baltimore, Atlanta and St. Louis have all had the ball at least 90 times, Buffalo's offense should get some slack since they've only had the ball 81 times so far this year.

But get this. With 12 touchdowns and 13 field goals made during the first half of the season, the Bears have scored on 25 percent of their offensive chances. That's just slightly better than the percent of drives they've killed with turnovers (22 percent).

WR Bernard Berrian
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tied with the Rams for a league-worst 16 team interceptions, the Bears have also lost six fumbles during those 100 offensive possessions.

This week they head to Oakland, where the Raiders are battling their own demons.

Oakland's quarterbacks have thrown three more interceptions than touchdowns so far this season, fueling the fervor for rookie JaMarcus Russell's debut. And you know things are bad when two of the categories that you lead the league in are punting average and number of touchbacks on kickoffs, while you're amongst the league's worst in rushing yards allowed, stopping opponents in 3rd-and-short situations, offensive penalties, and red-zone drives.

The winner of this game will likely be the team which runs out of ways to gift-wrap a victory for the opponent.

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