Foul Play

David Terrell will miss 7-8 weeks with a fracture in his right foot, which is the same foot he injured in college. The receiver suffered the break on a 52-yard pass play late in the Bears 34-21 loss to the Packers.

It's hard for David Terrell to stay quiet for five minutes let alone not play for two months.

"Hey, I never want to just sit around and do nothing," Terrell said. "I like to be out there. That's what I'm here for."

Terrell jokes that he will become a coach, while his foot heals.

"It wouldn't be too bad to be on the sidelines telling everybody else what to do, Terrell said. "Maybe I can spot something that the other players can't. I'm not the most patient guy in the world but I'll get through this."

Terrell blames his injury on the AstroPlay turf at Memorial Stadium.

"There's not a doubt in my mind," Terrell said about the possibility the surface played a role in his broken right foot. "I know that some people are saying that this happened because my ankle was already weak from an injury I got playing for Michigan. Not true. If I had planted my left foot instead of my right, I would have had the same break. It wasn't weak it just got stuck. Not much a player can do to prevent that. If you listen carefully in the locker room, you'll hear more guys than not complaining about that playing surface. Grass is good. Turf is bad."

Head coach Dick Jauron tried to downplay the turf theory.

"If you polled the team, there might be a few more guys but I'm willing to bet there's lots of guys who like the surface, there's lots of guys in the middle and lots of guys who prefer to play on grass and that's true all the time," Jauron said. "I think that surface has held up well for lots of players on a number of teams."

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