Wolfe Rookie Diary: 17th Entry

In this installment of his Rookie Diary, Garrett Wolfe writes about Cedric Benson's performance last Sunday in Seattle, getting used to all the cross-country travel, and what he'll be doing for Thanksgiving after Thursday's practice at Halas Hall in Lake Forest.

It was good to have the opportunity to get in for the first play of the game against the Seahawks. I think I did well enough and hope that eventually that will translate into more time on the field. I put any success that I had last week on the guys who were running in front of me. It's difficult to express just how important they are as far as creating holes and easing the way. I appreciate everything they did for me, that's for sure.

Losing in Seattle was tough on all of us. You always want to get a positive streak going, and that hasn't happened so far. Personally, I'm not discouraged. By nature, I'm an optimist. I always feel that the next game will be a successful one. It seems to me that having a positive outlook usually makes things turn out better eventually.

Cedric Benson did a great job against the Seahawks. It was wonderful to see him get those big runs. That is the type of a player we all believe that he is: a strong runner and a true competitor.

I've been asked if it would be hard for someone at the running back position to build momentum in a game as Cedric did last Sunday, only to be taken out and have to watch from the sideline. In my college game experience, that never happened to me. I was in for pretty much every offensive play all season, so I can't really give an opinion on that.

I can tell you what I've seen from Cedric. He is a quality person with a strong work ethic and a very competitive nature. That's why he did so well at Texas. They couldn't stop him. He's a player who never lets down. He wants to win and is willing to do whatever it might take to have that happen. If that means he's in for every play, that's fine. If it means that he needs to be alternating with some of the other running backs, he seems to be fine with that as well.

I don't see Cedric as a player who needs to be in a lot to build up momentum. He is there 100 percent whenever he's called on. So in that respect, I don't think it hurt his production potential that he did a lot in the early part of the game then wasn't in for much after that. Cedric can just turn it on whenever he's asked to.

But I'm sure he feels just as every other player on this team does. We all want to be in there as much as possible. But Cedric is a laid-back, philosophical person. He is willing to do what the coaches tell him to do and not get very worked up if he isn't in as much as perhaps he'd like to be.

I've also been asked whether or not it is frustrating for the players if the game plan doesn't change as things on the field turn out differently than we'd expected them to. For example, the questions about why Cedric wasn't in longer after his long runs early in the game. My response is a definite no, that doesn't bother us. It is not our job to call plays. We trust in the coaches and in their overall plan. We just go out there and try to execute what they are giving us. We don't stand there on the sideline and try to second-guess anybody.

Now about the noise problem in Seattle. The sound level in that stadium last weekend was incredible. It was so much louder than what we ran into at Oakland. That's very disruptive if the people who are making the noise aren't your fans. It's almost impossible to concentrate and get your job done. Obviously, offside penalties are the first indication that the offense isn't hearing the signals. It's very difficult for the quarterback to communicate effectively in situations like that.

RB Garrett Wolfe
Paul Sakuma/AP Images

I found the travel aspect of things a little easier last week, so I guess I'm getting acclimated. Coming back from Oakland, my back got really stiff and I had to work on that during the week. This time I anticipated what might happen on the plane and made allowances for that. I feel a lot better this time.

But it will be great to be back at Soldier Field. Any player will tell you that there is no place they enjoy being more than a home field. We're certainly looking forward to seeing the fans, and we hope they'll be just as loud as our recent opponents have been with us.

Denver is a strong team with a good defense. We'll be working on that this week. I think that the overall mood of the team is still good. We feel that we have something to prove and have every intention of winning out the rest of this season.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing for Thanksgiving. We do have practice here Thursday, so that means our day won't be spent eating turkey and watching TV. I am from the Chicago area, so I may drop by a relative's house later on in the day and get something to eat. Other players who are from out of town won't be so lucky. Brendon Ayanbadejo was joking that he'd have to go from door to door hoping that some of his neighbors might have some extra food for him. Knowing that guy and his wild personality, all I can say to him is, "Good luck with that."

Just kidding, Brendon.

All of us here with the team wish our fans and their families a happy holiday. We'll look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Garrett Wolfe writes his Rookie Diary with longtime correspondent Beth Gorr every week exclusively for BearReport.com.

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