Risking move

R.W. McQuarters made his return from a knee injury against the Packers, but then pulled a hamstring during the loss to Green Bay.

The cornerback hasn't practiced since and is listed as questionable for the Lions game. Head coach Dick Jauron admits playing R.W. McQuarters too soon was a risk, but one the team felt was worth the consequences.

"To some degree we rolled the dice," Jauron said. "We thought he was certainly good enough to play. I think that the hamstring that he's suffering with now probably is somehow associated with the injury going into the game. But, I think it was the right decision to play him. He felt good. He performed pretty well and he hurt that hamstring early in the game. I'm sure he didn't help the hamstring playing the entire game on it after that and now he's questionable again."

During the bye week McQuarters ran on the side and continued that routine into this week. Defensive coordinator Greg Blache said the defense has had problems from top to bottom and injuries aren't to be used as an excuse.

"A lot of people can accept that. But I wouldn't want them to be my leader if things got tough," Blache said. "I don't expect a drop-off; I'm not willing to accept a drop-off from by players."

"Our secondary's been poor at times on certain issues, our defensive line's been poor at times, our linebackers have been poor at times. There's been a combination of things. I don't think there's any one area you can say's been deficient; I don't think there's any one area you can say has been outstanding. We've been very average to poor collectively; coaching included, especially coaching. I just don't think we've done anything well this fall since we came out of training camp, since we came out of preseason."

However, Blache isn't giving up on his unit.

"I think they're talented enough and if they fully realize the talent that they have, and they put the effort and energy into it, and not be afraid to fail - honestly, I think a problem with some of my guys is they're afraid to fail," Blache. "They won't have a chance to be successful because they're afraid to turn loose, take their foot off first base and try to steal second. If they would, they might be amazed; they might be able to steal home. But they've got to get their foot off first base to get started."

They'll have another chance Sunday at Detroit.

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