They Said It: Bears Postgame

The locker room was quiet after Sunday's head-scratcher against the Giants, a loss which may have eliminated any thoughts of a playoff berth. Head coach Lovie Smith and several Bears players addressed the media after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what they had to say.

Head coach Lovie Smith
On why he didn't stick with the no-huddle offense when it was working:
"We felt that we needed to go in a different direction. The pressure had a little to do with that. The Giants had six sacks, but in the end we were able to hold them off. It was a good change-up, but you can't just use change-ups to move the ball. Offensively, we need to be able to keep the drive going when we have the lead, and then defensively we have to be able to stop them in the end."

On winning the turnover battle decisively yet still losing:
"Normally when we win the turnover ratio like that, we do win. But you have to be able to capitalize on them, and we weren't able to do that. Normally it doesn't work like that, but today it did."

On the overall performance of the defense:
"I am disappointed in the defensive effort that we've had, though I thought we were close. We played good for about half of the game. I know the run gave us a little trouble. With seven points on the board, that's not terrible defense when you can keep your opponent to seven points that late. Again, I am disappointed in the way we finish games."

On whether or not his team is now out of the playoff hunt:
"We'll continue to play until they tell us that we're out of it. Winning out would have pretty much guaranteed us that we're in it, but right now you just have to keep playing and see what happens."

On benching Adam Archuleta at strong safety and starting Brandon McGowan:
"We thought that Brandon deserved an opportunity to play, and I thought he stepped in and did some good things today."

QB Rex Grossman
On the offense having opportunities to put the game away early:
"There were opportunities to make plays that we just didn't make. For whatever reason we just didn't make them, in the second half especially. It's frustrating, and we'll think about this one for a long time."

On missing those deep passes to Bernard Berrian and Devin Hester:
"Those were a couple opportunities to make plays that weren't made for whatever reason and definitely would have helped us in the game. Offensively we scored 16 points, and that's just not going to cut it especially with the turnovers that they gave us and the field position. We should have done a lot better than we did. It's just really frustrating right now."

On where the team goes from here with just four games remianing:

QB Rex Grossman
Jerry Lai/AP Images
"I know that we don't control our own destiny. I'm not sure mathematically how this whole thing works out, but had we won out we would have been going to the playoffs and now it's not up to us. Until we're mathematically out of it, which I have no idea what the situation is, we're going to keep fighting. And we're going to keep fighting regardless."

RB Adrian Peterson
On coming out on the losing end while making his first start of the season:
"We had the game in control throughout and couldn't finish. I am in shape and stay in shape year round, so getting extra carries didn't make it tough on me at all."

On using the no-huddle offense to catch the Giants off guard:
"It was one of our main game plans, that in certain situations we were going to use it. It worked, but we needed to make it work better down the stretch."

On the offense not being able to make enough plays in the second half:
"We couldn't get it going, plain and simple. The game of football is a game of momentum. Once you have it, you have to maximize it because sooner or later it is going to change."

TE Desmond Clark
On the team's approach to the last quarter of the season:
"We've got to approach it like we've got four more games left in the season. Just because that (10 wins) was the goal we set and we didn't get there, we're not going to shut it down. I still believe that we're not out of it. It will probably take some kind of miracle with a bunch of teams losing a bunch of games, but stranger things have happened. We just need to play these four games, try to win out and just see what happens. 9-7 is better than a losing record, so I still want this season to go down as a winning season even if we don't get to the playoffs. So there's still a lot to play for."

CB Charles Tillman
On dealing with this loss and moving forward the rest of the way:
"It was a tough loss today. Give the Giants credit. It's a tough situation. I think that no one has told us that we are out of it, so I am going to keep hope alive. ... It is kind of hard considering because of all the turnovers we had, but Plaxico [Burress] made a great catch down the stretch there."

On the difference defensively between the first and second half:
"I don't think they had a huge change in yardage. I didn't think it was that big of a difference from the first half to the second half. I thought we controlled them, but in key situations, they just came up and made plays and I think that is what it really came down to. In key situations, their playmakers made plays."

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