Admitted Mistake

Defensive end Bryan Robinson asked for forgiveness because of his DUI charge last week.

After what happened Sunday to the Bears in a 23-20 overtime loss to Detroit, the defensive end's problems off the field seemed the least of their worries, though.

"First of all I apologize," said Bryan Robinson, who had been arrested on a second DUI charge in four months late last week and now faces possible suspension due to the league substance abuse policy. "At the team meeting I apologized to my guys (teammates)."

Robinson said he never spoke about the arrest after it happened early Friday morning because of the upcoming game.

"I didn't want to take attention and focus it on myself because we have a lot of things going on for the main focus to be on B-Rob," Robinson said. "So I apologized to those guys, I apologize to the coaching staff and the organization. And you know, just want to apologize to the fans."

Robinson said due to legal reasons, he cannot comment specifically on what happened early Friday morning when police said he was pulled over for improper lane usage and also charged with DUI and driving with a license suspended on his previous DUI. He still has a Nov. 15 court date.

He played in the game Sunday because the investigation by the team and NFL of the incident is on-going. Also, he is allowed an appeal of any suspension.

"For me playing this day was kind of like my getaway," he said.

In the back of his mind, Robinson said he has to live with thoughts that "you were out at a time when you shouldn't have been there,' " he said. "When you should have been preparing for the game and beating Detroit."

He didn't fare poorly considering his situation. Robinson actually played his best game of the year with five tackles, only three less than he made the entire first five games. He registered his first sack of the year and forced a fumble by quarterback Joey Harrington on a day when the defensive line as a whole struggled to stop the run.

Bears coach Dick Jauron said Robinson's entire fate is not in the Bears' hands.

"We'll have to see what the league does in that regard," he said.

Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache shrugged off Robinson's situation.

"I'm like a parent,'' he said. "You're always disappointed when any or your players -- be it a team leader or whoever -- uses poor judgment. That's not good. Yeah, that's very disappointing. Did that have any bearing on the game? I don't think so."

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