Risky Business

Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache blamed some of his own defensive tactics for Detroit's ability to run the ball so easily Sunday in the first half.

In the second half, the blame belonged more on the players.

The Bears came out in a blitzing scheme to confuse and scare Lions rookie quarterback Joey Harrington. They also were stunting more than usual along the defensive front.

"Getting the linemen up the field, trying to get some pressure on the passer, trying to get some movement up front so we were trying to help the secondary," Blache explained. "The liability of it is it is opening up the running game."

Stewart gained 46 yards on 13 first-half carries. In the second half and overtime he gained 126 yards against a defense more suited to stopping the run.

"The second half we went to our base and took the jets off and the guns off and didn't expect it to be as big a problem."

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