They Said It: Bears Players

A lot of fans are wondering why it took the Chicago Bears so long to look like a playoff team again, but closing the season with two victories shows that they're not that far away. Several players addressed the media after the win over the Saints, and Bear Report was there to hear what they had to say.

DE Alex Brown
On finishing out the season with a win over the Saints:
"I believe we got the formula right today. We got out there and made plays when we needed to. The picture is that we won, and that's all that matters."

On heading home already and not going to the playoffs:
"We will go into the offseason and work hard, practice hard. We understand that being good one year doesn't mean we are going to be good the following year. Right now, this hurts. This hurts a lot."

WR Devin Hester
On how he would sum up a disappointing season for the team:
"It didn't go the way we expected, especially coming off the season we had last year. We were hoping for better things, but at the end of the day we left on a good note. That's the most important thing right now."

On his future in the NFL and with this team:
"I'm just trying to build a home here. I want to be here forever. I don't want to go anywhere. This is where I want my main home to be, and I'm just trying to build a standard to let the coaches know that I am capable of playing for Chicago and that they can always depend on me."

On what could have been for this team:
"I was talking about that the whole game on the sideline is that look at the way we're playing now. We should have been doing this all season. But it's tough. Things happen. It just let us know leaving off a good note that we're capable of being in the hunt for the Super Bowl."

QB Kyle Orton
On the team's overall performance against the Saints:
"I think, as an offense, we played well. We left a few yards on the field. I missed a couple of throws. We had some opportunities to make some bigger plays, but all-in-all, I think we played well. We scored 33 points, and with this team, you're going to win most of the time you do that. So I thought we played well."

On the passing game opening things up for the running game:
"We came into the game thinking we could get the ball down the field. We got some looks. We didn't hit all of them, but I think it did loosen them up a little bit."

On finishing the season strong on a two-game winning streak:
"It was a rough season for us as a team, but I thought we responded nicely and finished up the season well. Hopefully we can carry some momentum into the offseason, but we need to get back to work and prepare for next year."

On Devin Hester developing into an offensive weapon:
"He does it for the whole team. He gives us great starting field position, and he's really developed nicely into a go-to guy as a receiver. He's a great player."

On if he thinks he'll get a chance to compete for the starting job in 2008:
"I think I'm part of the conversation. I'm sure they'll go back, evaluate and see what they have going into next year. I have all the confidence that if I have a chance, I'm going to win the job."

On his progression over the three games he started:
"I think I got better in all three. I know that I felt more comfortable today than I ever have. I thought I saw the field well, and like I said, I missed a couple of throws. But all-in-all, I thought I played pretty well."

WR Bernard Berrian
On the team finally playing so well late in the season:
"I think we just peaked way too late. We wish we could've done it earlier and had better performances throughout the season, but we just weren't able to."

On how important it is to finish with back-to-back wins:
"I think it's very important. It just lets us know where we can be if we all play the game the way we're supposed to. Leading into next year, it lets us know what we can do and what we need to work at."

On the play of Kyle Orton at quarterback:
"I think he had a great game today. I think he played well. Not too many turnovers or anything like that. I don't know what the stats were, but I think they were pretty good."

On if he's already started to think about his contract situation:
"Not yet. Probably when I get back home, I will sit and talk about it with my family."

On where he thinks he'll be next season:
"I have no idea how it's going to play out right now. My agent will probably call me in a little bit, and we'll talk about it."

On the possibility of leaving the Bears via free agency:
"I really like Chicago. I don't want to go. I hate having to pick up and move. I love the Chicago fans to death. They're real fans, and that's what I love about this city."

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