Mistakes cost Bears

Anthony Thomas didn't lose a fumble his entire rookie year, but has lost three in his sophomore campaign.

Dick Jauron said the team addressed the problem after Anthony Thomas lost two critical fumbles in a 23-20 overtime loss to Detroit.

"We definitely talk to him about technique, we definitely talk to him about protecting the ball," Jauron said. "On the one hand, it happens. But you can't condone it and we can't have it happen. Generally when that occurs in a game, you lose."

A Chris Chandler interception put the Lions on the Bears 16-yard line, while a Thomas fumble on the six-yard line meant Detroit went a total of 22 yards for two touchdowns.

Following a 63-yard kick return by Ahmad Merritt the Bears started a drive on the Lions 32, but Thomas fumbled on the first play from scrimmage and Detroit pounced on the ball.

"The defense did a good job, they got the ball out," Jauron said of Thomas losing the ball a three times. "You have to give them credit but you never can condone it."

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