The big concern among Bears veterans now is that players will start waving the white flag of surrender.

"We do miss all those guys," he said of Bryan Robinson, Ted Washington, Warrick Holdman and R. W. McQuarters. "We definitely need them back. It's tough right now.

"I just hope none of our people lose hope. That's the thing I hope we don't do. Every snap you play you've got to play as hard as you can. If you go out there and think you're defeated, then you're defeated even before you play the game."

Daniels said fans who think the team has quit are mistaken.

"When you're on the field, I don't see that," he said. "Maybe as a spectator or fan you can see it. I can't see it out there."

The Bears' defensive line had three players at positions who weren't there last year, the linebackers one and defensive backs three on Sunday.

On the line, Daniels moved to left end and rookie Alex Brown got his first start at right end. Christian Peter started at tackle instead of Alfonso Boone.

One change previously unannounced was Bobbie Howard at weak side linebacker instead of Mike Caldwell. Eventually Caldwell came into the game.

"We've got a lot of young guys out there playing now," Daniels said. "It's a strain for everybody."

As if it wasn't hard enough for players to hear Chandler call signals in the noise at the Metrodome, there was another problem.

The Bears used loudspeakers to simulate crowd noise at practice all week and Chandler had to yell over it.

"I kind of lost a bit of my voice screaming over the noise during the week," Chandler said.

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