Miller's fate will soon be known

<!--Default NodeId For Jim Miller is 292233,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292233]>Jim Miller</A> wasn't at practice Monday as the quarterback flew from Sunday's game to the east coast to get a second opinion on what has been diagnosed as tendinitis

Head coach Dick Jauron remains optimistic that Miller will return to action despite the fact the QB has missed the team's last two games because of pain in his right shoulder and elbow.

"He could have played," Jauron said about Miller coming in the Vikings game. "We would have restricted what he did, but I believe Jim could have played. I don't think that it would have been a smart thing and we didn't plan on it. We were hoping that Chris would function and be OK out there."

Depending on severity of Miller's injury the Bears might have to go after another quarterback.

Third string QB Henry Burris struggled in his NFL debut completing one of six pass attempts and finished with a 6.9 quarterback rating.

"It was a tough situation obviously for anybody to be in," Jauron said about Burris' ineffectiveness. "I was worried about Chris. I thought Chris was more injured than it turned out that he was at the time, so we went with Henry. And Henry needs experience. He just needs to get experience. We like him as our three, we'd like to go through the year and really not have to get him into a game situation like that because he doesn't have the experience to go out there."

The fact that the Bears have allowed 11 sacks in the last two games can be attributed to Chandler holding on to the ball trying to make a play and the offensive line has two new starters.

Either way it doesn't bode well for two quarterbacks that are fighting injuries in Miller or Chandler meaning Burris will have to be used again before the year is out.

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