Daunting task ahead

The 5-2 Eagles come to town with the chance to send the Bears to their sixth straight loss, which would a equal a streak that eventually helped Dave Wannstedt get fired following the 1998 season.

There were tremendous expectations for a team coming off a 13-3 under Coach of the Year Dick Jauron. However, any thoughts of going to the Super Bowl have faded and at 2-5 the team will have to win two out of every three games just to finish 8-8.

"It's been five very tough weeks here with these consecutive losses and as they've mounted it definitely takes its toll on us," Jauron said.

There is little doubt that Jauron will return next season, but other coaching changes wouldn't be a surprise. For as much flak as offensive coordinator John Shoop has taken for a struggling offense that is Greg Blache has escaped similar criticism for a defense that has given up 180 points in seven games, which is only 23 less than the unit gave up all last year.

Obviously, injuries have hindered the defense. However, there is no excuse for how undisciplined they've played. Gaping wholes for running backs to gallop through have become common place and uncovered receivers are the norm.

"We try to work to get it corrected every week on a weekly basis within our system," Jauron said. "Obviously in the middle of a season you can't change your system and the fact is we believe in what we do on both sides of the ball and on special teams. We certainly try to analyze it and change and try new approaches within the system."

It could be time for an overhaul this offseason.

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