Gould Honored By March of Dimes

Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould is definitely one of the good guys, and he was honored Monday night at the annual Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards for his community service efforts. Bear Report was also in attendance at the Hilton Chicago on Michigan Avenue and spoke with Gould after the event.

John Crist: Just over a year ago, you were lacing it up in Super Bowl XLI. What was it like being forced to spend Super Sunday at home this time just like the rest of us?

Robbie Gould: There was a Super Bowl this year? I wish I could have watched it. It's kind of tough when you're not in the Super Bowl. You always want to be there. I just think it's tough to watch the playoffs, being there the last two years and knowing how hard we worked. And this year, it just didn't work out for us. It was great to see the Giants win for the NFC, and hopefully that streak can continue. And hopefully the Bears will be back in the Super Bowl next year, and we'll be the winners.

JC: You've had four or five weeks now to digest a disappointing 2007 season. Some say it was the offensive line, while others say it was injuries on defense. Since you've had some time to think about it, what do you think went wrong?

RG: I just think we didn't make more plays than the other team did, and that's really what it comes down to. Regardless of whoever it may be. You hear a lot of stories about the offensive line. It's the [same] guys we've had around here since we went on the Super Bowl streak. And the bottom line is we just didn't make the plays when we needed to, and next year, obviously, we've got to do that. It's kind of a humbling experience for us, and I know we'll be ready for next year.

JC: You and I talked a while back about the kicker stereotype and how that bothers you from time to time. Now that you've been around a few years and are a Pro Bowl performer, are you still "just the kicker" in the locker room, or do you think you've earned more respect from your teammates?

RG: Obviously, you earn your respect by what you do on the field, and kind of what you do off the field with your teammates and how hard you work. You're always lifting with the team. You're running with the team. You're out there at practice, although not working as much as they do. But when you go out there on Sundays and you perform, that's how you earn your respect. Kickers in Chicago aren't as lonely as everyone thinks they are, so that's a great stereotype to break.

K Robbie Gould
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JC: You're being honored by the March of Dimes because of your efforts in the community. I know you did some things with kids and some things with our troops this past year. But was there anything you did specifically that really touched you and helped you get here tonight?

RG: Well, I think it's in the future. I'm hoping that Patrick (one of the special children he spent time with Monday night) gets his first date and we can double-date together. Every situation's been awesome. I've been blessed to be in the position I'm in, especially in Chicago, and get the opportunities that I've been blessed to have. Every opportunity, it's just great to get out there and give back to the community no matter who it is and what it is. There's nothing that's more rewarding for me than to see a bunch of smiles on people's faces. I think I get a bigger kick out of it than they do sometimes.

JC: If you look at the list of Bears who have won this award, it's pretty impressive. Your name is now alongside the likes of Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, and Mike Singletary. Have you had a chance to truly appreciate what you've done yet?

RG: You know what? Not really. It's obviously an honor to win this award, especially with guys of that caliber. Any time you're mentioned with those guys or Kevin Butler and Walter Payton, all the greats that really came through Chicago sports history for the Bears, it's been awesome. It's just an honor like I said before, and I'm just pleased to accept the award on behalf of the Bears orgnanization as well as Comcast Sports.

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