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ESPN Zone in Chicago hosted these recently minted Monsters of the Midway to find out.

"ESPN Zone management approached representatives from each NFL team several months ago to see if they might be interested in participating in a rookie oriented cooking class," Chicago ESPN Zone spokesman Dave Donovan said. "The idea seemed to make a lot of sense, both to ESPN Zone and to the teams as well."

The basic concept behind this combination seminar and participatory event evolved from the realization that many of these young professional athletes are away from home and on their own for the first time. Although many might be content to use speed dial to call the local pizza parlor or the nearest burger palace, a back up plan for basic kitchen survival might seem to be a sensible solution.

"That was where we came in," Donovan said. "The entire concept made sense. Get a small group of rookies together with a few top chefs. Make the recipes simple, fast, and tasty. Use fresh and healthy ingredients. Teach the fundamentals of preparation and you have a rookie who can cook. It's like food training camp."

Editors note: The rest of this story can be seen in the Nov. 10 edition of the Bear Report.

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