Not Grading out

R.W. McQuarters (hamstring) missed his fifth game of the year against Minnesota. There is a chance the veteran could return against the Eagles following a hamstring injury, which has forced him out of the last two games.

Randy Moss scored a touchdown over Reggie Austin from 39 yards out. Austin (4 tackles) looked to be there in time but failed to make a play on the ball. Jerry Azumah (6 tackles) continues to make excellent open field tackles in both the passing and running game. It's time for him to start picking balls off. The unit has gone 161 pass attempts against them without an interception, a pick by Reggie Austin against the Saints' Aaron Brooks five games ago.

Mike Brown forced a fumble. Mike Green (10 tackles, FR) had a much better game. He looked tentative on a deep pass to Moss under him, as well as in early run support. But as the game wore on, he was one of the few bright spots in run support, coming up tough, like a strong safety should. It was the first time all season that he was a noticeable force against the run. Todd McMillon and Roosevelt Williams played but were not factors. Larry Whigham (4 tackles) saw more action and was in on a few plays. These guys would have looked a lot better if Culpepper had faced a more consistent pass rush.


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