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The Chicago Bears inked one of their very own free agents Saturday, as Rex Grossman agreed to terms. Adam Caplan,'s Senior NFL Reporter, sheds some light on the rest of the free agency picture at the NFL Combine, and subscribers can listen to that exclusive audio feature right here.

John Crist: Rex Grossman re-signed with Chicago for a one-year deal today. Was this a case of the Bears not having any other options? Grossman not having any other options? Was this pretty much inevitable from the start?

Adam Caplan: John, you and I talked when we first got here during the week about what the Bears were going to do at the quarterback position. One of my first reports in my blog was that, despite what everyone else is reporting, they're not going to draft a quarterback in the first round.

And it did get out that the Bears were looking to bring back Grossman. I really didn't think that it had much to do with it because, basically, you're not going to bring back Grossman for a long time. You're just going to bring him back for a short period of time and let him be the caretaker to the guy they're going to draft. But I didn't think where they're picking – unless Matt Ryan dropped, and I don't think he'll drop that far – that there's another quarterback they would take. They have major needs on the offensive line and defensive line so, to me, they can get that quarterback later.

Rex Grossman, he knows the system. And Bernard Berrian talked about it. He claims that that would have something to do with him coming back or wanting to come back – it doesn't; it's all about the money – but this guy knows the offense. And for one year, as a caretaker, I'd rather have him in there than Brian Griese.

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