McQuarters could return against Eagles

Despite listed as questionable on the injury report R.W. McQuarters is likely to return to action against the Eagles.

Hamstring and knee injuries have forced McQuarters to miss five of the team's first seven games and the Bears pass defense has suffered.

The defense hasn't picked off a ball since Week Two against New Orleans, which is a span of 161 pass attempts without an interception.

"We haven't had an interception in five games, that's a long time," said defensive coordinator Greg Blache. "That's a dry spell. If I had a definitive explanation, I would've changed it. If there was something that simple, you'd say this is the reason, then you would change that reason. I don't think it's that simple that it's just one reason. It hasn't happened."

McQuarters had three interceptions last season, while opposing quarterbacks often threw away from his side of the ball.

The benefit of McQuarters missing the majority of the season is that Jerry Azumah has played relatively well as the team's top cornerback. True, teams were more apt to test Reggie Austin and Todd McMillon than Azumah, but the converted running back stepped up his game in McQuarters absence.

Miller update
After returning to practice Wednesday Jim Miller was anointed the starter, unless his shoulder and elbow tendinitis act up further in the week.

"I think he (Miller) had 30 in the course of the practice and it felt pretty good," Jauron said. "As he'll tell you he doesn't believe it's going to feel great until he has a chance to rest it and there's no chance to rest it right now. He did look good throwing, we'll wait and see how it is tomorrow, but right now we anticipate that he's going to be OK and we'll go into the game Sunday with Jimmy there and Chris as the 2."

Step back
Following a DUI arrest Bryan Robinson was inactive for the Vikings game as a disciplinary action, but during a week he didn't play has been downgraded on the injury report. Last week Robinson was listed as probable for with an ankle injury before the Bears announced he wouldn't play as punishment. However, a week later he is now listed as questionable with the same ankle problem.

"The only thing that Tim's (Bream team trainer) told me is the ankle is still swollen and we anticipated that it would go down a lot faster than it did, so that's where that is, and it's kind of a daily thing," Jauron said. "I was surprised and Tim is surprised and Bryan is too so we'll just have to go on a daily basis and see how quickly it heals."

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