Opportunity lost

With the game tied at early in the fourth quarter <!--Default NodeId For Dez White is 292258,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292258]>Dez White</A> dropped a pitch from <!--Default NodeId For Jim Miller is 292233,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292233]>Jim Miller</A> that the Eagles recovered. <!--Default NodeId For Philadelphia is 109,2005--><A HREF=http://eagles.TheInsiders.com>Philadelphia</A> took over at the Bears 18 and turned good field position into a 16-13 lead, which they never relinquished.

"I saw it to where I felt like I was going to be comfortable getting it, but it was a little bit more slippery than I thought and it just slipped off my fingers," White said.

The Bears gained nine yards on their first five possessions in the second half before falling short on a last minute attempt. The team was also penalized for 12 times for 121 yards. There were three personal foul penalties, which gave Philadelphia 15 yards on each infraction.

"You look at all those penalties in that game and we were still in the ballgame," said Jim Miller. "You look at all the mistakes and we were still in the ballgame and that's a very good team we played.

"This team is good enough to get it done, we just make crucial mistakes at crucial times and as a result, you're getting losses. That's basically what it is. The only remedy to solve that is to not make those crucial mistakes. That's all you can do."

The problem is that's the same excuse the Bears have given for six games and nothing has changed. Granted, the defense stepped up their game Sunday and the offense played a great first half - but in the end it wasn't enough to beat one of the best teams in football.

Where was this effort last week in an embarrassing 25-7 loss to the Vikings? Minnesota went out and gave up five touchdown passes in a 38-24 loss to Tampa Bay.

Return to action
R.W. McQuarters returned to the starting lineup and drew two pass interference penalties. However, both calls were questionable at best.

John Davis and Fred Baxter both returned after missing the game against Minnesota. Baxter spent much of the game on the sideline with an apparent ankle injury, while Davis caught just one ball for eight yards.

Change in the lineup
Kevin Dogins started for Chris Villarrial, who was inactive because of back spasms. Bobbie Howard started for the second straight week, as did Alex Brown.

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