Questionable calls

The Bears drew 12 penalties for 121 yards, which resulted in eight first downs for the Eagles. Nine of the flags went against the defense and five against the secondary.

"(If) they don't want us to play, that's their business," said defensive coordinator Greg Blache. "They have to answer to their employer, they have to answer to other people. But we're going to play football and I'm proud of my guys and I'm proud of the way they played.

"It's unfortunate that so many flags were thrown on our guys in coverage. I'd like to look at the film before I make any more comments, but I'm going to tell you what, I think there were some iffy things right there, a lot of iffy things.

"People have to draw their own conclusion, but I was not real thrilled with that crew at all."

Head coach Dick Jauron was also less than pleased with the officiating.

"Maybe you should talk to (the officials)," Jauron said about the number of penalties. "I don't have an answer for you on a lot of those things. I'll definitely have to see them on tape because I'm not watching what they're watching.

"I see some of them and we never agree on everything with the officials. But you've got to believe they're awfully good at what they do."

Several players were critical and will likely receive fines. R.W. McQuarters suggested that one of the officials had money on the game, while Brian Urlacher was also more vocal that usual.

"You definitely can't blame the referees for losing, but at the same time our DBs have been playing that way all year long and for them to start calling those plays now is frustrating," Urlacher said. "At some point you have to let some guys play and if they're going to call those plays call them both ways because there could have been some called for offense too.

"These guys didn't give us any explanation (of the calls), nothing they just turn their heads. I don't know if they are just cowards or what they don't say anything to us. It's just frustrating when you can't get any explanation back from them."

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