Dual Threat

Anthony Thomas was the Bears leading rusher and receiver against the Eagles, rushing for a game-high 52 yards while hauling in a team-high 52 yards through the air for 104 combined yards. The combined 100-yard effort marks only the second time in his career when, while rushing for fewer than 100 yards, he has combined to top the century mark in yardage. The last (and only) time he accomplished the feat was Nov. 4, 2001 versus Cleveland when he gained 96 yards on the ground and 71 through the air for 167 yards of combined yardage.

Thomas had much more running room, thanks to a better effort from the line and his blocking backs. For some reason, when he breaks into the open, he is more concerned with trying to change his direction than with running. He's not that nifty, and instead of running people over for first downs, he's getting tackled as soon as he shifts his feet. This happened a number of times Sunday, not only in the running game, but also on passes he caught. He ran with more power through the line, and continues to do well picking up blitzers in pass protection. Thomas was at his best catching the screen and outlet passes that Jim Miller dumped off to him, picking up big chunks of yardage and taking on defensive backs with a full head of steam.

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