Brennan and the Bears, Revisited

Few topics have generated more discussion on the message board leading up to the NFL Draft than the Chicago Bears and their possible interest in Hawaii QB Colt Brennan. Chris Steuber joined Bear Report for some final questions and answers on what has become a touchy subject in the Windy City.

John Crist: You spent a lot of time talking to Colt Brennan this past season and evaluating him for the upcoming NFL Draft, and you've been among his staunchest supporters in the media. Why are you so convinced that he will be a successful quarterback at the next level?

Chris Steuber: Brennan will be a successful QB because of his accuracy and ability to deliver one of the most catchable balls I've seen. He's improved his size by adding 30 pounds and has gained a lot of velocity. He's always had a quick release and great timing on his passes, but now with the extra weight his passes get to receivers much quicker. I think with more coaching and understanding the pro game, Brennan has the ability and qualities to become a great QB at the NFL level.

JC: While some Bears fans like the idea of waiting on a signal-caller this year and giving Brennan a shot with a fifth- or sixth-round pick, there are many more that want nothing to do with him even as an undrafted free agent. Why has he been such a polarizing prospect?

QB Colt Brennan
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CS: I think the media has influenced the fans' judgment about Brennan. Fans think he's just another QB from Hawaii who posted video game-like numbers and won't be successful at the next level, but that's not true. Brennan is a different kind of guy. He's extremely confident and is sure of his ability. He knows he's a great QB. I think if he's in the right system and has a chance to learn an offense and grow in that offense, he's going to be special.

JC: Brennan recently decided to have surgery on his hip and could be out of action for two to three months, a curious decision so close to the draft. How much could the injury affect his status at the end of this month?

CS: I don't think the hip injury will affect his draft status at all. I think scouts know what Brennan is at this point. He's a guy who has a lot of ability but just needs to learn the pro game. He did well at his Pro Day and moved around well and displayed a strong arm. I think he will be a fourth-rounder. He's too talented to pass up. This hip injury is so minor, and it shouldn't raise a red flag. Brennan will be ready for training camp, and he will prove to the team that selects him they made the right choice.

John Crist is the Publisher of Bear Report. Chris Steuber is the Senior NFL Draft Analyst for

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