On the Attack

The Bears put consistent pressure on Donovan McNabb reaching the mobile quarterback three times. Phillip Daniels accounted for two sacks, which were his first two this season.

A relatively healthy defensive line will have a familiar look on pass situations. Bryan Robinson and Daniels will move inside, while Alex Brown and Rosevelt Colvin will come from the edge.

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache was able to use a similar alignment in the preseason, but with injuries to Daniels and Robinson wasn't able to use it until the Eagles game.

"Last week was the first time since the opener that we had that opportunity, but we're much more athletic when we get those two (Daniels and Robinson) on the field inside because now you still have Rosey (Colvin) and Alex Brown and you also have Bryan Knight who can come in and back up," Blache said. "We've got some athletic people we can put on the field. We like the ability to do that, depending on how healthy they are how much we're able to do it. The problem when you play those guys inside, they get beat up a little bit, it's a little bit tougher playing inside than it is playing out, but it's a package that we like, it's something that we'd like to do more if we're healthy enough to do it down the road."

Although, Blache said when Robinson is healthy enough to start he'll be in the end rotation, but the Bears could use him as a tackle next year.

Depending on how effective the formation is the remainder of the year it could determine what the Bears do in the offseason.

If Brown continues to improve on his run defense and starts getting to the quarterback then Daniels can move to the left side permanently. Robinson could then go inside with either Keith Traylor or Ted Washington. Meaning one of the two big defensive tackles could be released.

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