Reaction to action

You saw fit to remove your son when his ego got in the way of good judgement. Now is the time for your move to rid ourselves of what is a coaching staff and general manager who do not have the gut's to admit they have made very bad decisions on our Quarterback, head coach, offensive coordinator, and our defensive coach. They as a group could not win in high school the way they call a game.

How could you run into a line twice and gain nothing and not even a yard and try it again. No guts no glory. We are not going anywhere anyway and still Dick Jauron and John Shoop play the same conservative offense that has lost three games in the last quarter and overtime. If I owned this team and Jerry Angelo had any chance to get Drew Bledsoe and he would be looking for another job. The players are not at fault. The ownership and lack of leadership from the top down is the fault and it starts with Mr. and Mrs. McCaskey.

This loss to the Patriots was the last straw. Jauron looked like he was at a loss at the end of the game.

Bill Felicelli
Chandler, AZ

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