Déjà vu

With a commanding 11-point lead and less than five minutes to play it looked as if the Bears six-game losing streak was going to end, but the Bears didn't finish the game.

All phases of the game are to blame for the blown lead.

The defense played allowed two touchdowns in less than three minutes. The Bears were playing soft allowing the Patriots move the ball, while eating clock. However, Greg Blache took a chance sending Mike Brown and Mike Green on a double safety blitz that led to a Kevin Faulk 36-yard touchdown catch.

The offense failed to convert on 2nd and third down when the unit needed to just one yard to seal a victory.

Part of the reason Anthony Thomas came up short of the first down marker on a third down rushing attempt was the same formation was run earlier in the game. James "Big Cat" Williams was moved from right to left tackle and Thomas followed him in for a touchdown. However, when Williams lined up on the opposite side for a second time and New England was ready stopping Thomas for a loss on the carry.

A Brad Maynard 32-yard punt into a strong wind was returned 11-yards giving New England the ball at their 44-yard line. Moving the ball inside Bears' territory as the clock ran under one minute the refs had several questionable calls, but in the end the Bears defense has to take responsibility for not stopping the Patriots.

David Patten beat R.W. McQuarters for a game-winning 20-yard touchdown reception with just 21 seconds left in the game.

The Bears offense had two timeouts at their disposal and needed just a field goal to send the game into overtime. Jim Miller didn't look ready to throw a deep ball with his tendinitis problems, yet Henry Burris wasn't brought in the game to attempt a bomb.

Admittedly, Burris hasn't looked good in limited action this season. However, if there is one thing Burris does posses it's a strong arm that would have come in handy needing a deep completion.

Instead, Miller was sacked and the rest of the offense stood looking at the quarterback on the ground as the clock ran down to two seconds before a timeout was called. By then it was too late for a miracle.

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