Desperate Times

Trailing 33-30 with 21 seconds and two timeouts the Bears needed a miracle just to send the game into overtime.

However, the Bears top two quarterbacks were both hindered with injuries and couldn't move the ball down the field via deep pass. Chris Chandler went out with a neck sprain, while Jim Miller's tendinitis allows him to throw an intermediate pass but not anything over 30 yards.

Thus, third string QB Henry Burris was told to get ready incase the team needed him to throw a deep ball.

Head coach Dick Jauron that admitted there was discussion about bringing Burris in, but with two timeouts they thought Miller could get the job done.

"But the fact that we had two timeouts did bring the whole field into play," ," said head coach Dick Jauron about not bringing in Burris. "We felt like if we could get two throws down the middle of the field completed. We may have a chance and then, if we had to throw it in the endzone, we might have brought Henry in. He was warmed up. We kept him warmed up and ready to go."

Miller was sacked and as ten seconds ran off the clock so were the Bears chances of a miracle finish.

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