Player Diary

The team that is going to win a game is the team with the most big plays. That never fails. Do the most and do it better and you'll come out on top. That's where we came up short against the Patriots.

They are defending Super Bowl champions. Nobody gave us much of a chance to do much against them but we did. The problem was that even with all we were able to accomplish, our big plays stopped by the beginning of the fourth quarter. When that happens, you're going to lose. The pieces were so close to coming together for us. That is what makes this loss so hard to take.

Tom Brady seemed to get better and better as the game progressed. He never lost his cool. You think that you have them stopped and maybe you relax some. If you do that, they'll come back and bite you. The Patriots are known for a no quit attitude. I like to think that the Bears have this as well. I guess it all comes down to who makes the plays down the stretch and whose desire to win is stronger.

The ride back home last night was hard. Nobody wants to deal with a 7 game losing streak. That's something that many of these players have never experienced before. We don't intend to just sit around and think about it though. We'll be out on the field next week giving it our best and hoping that the outcome is better.

What I noticed on the field was that the Patriots offense was both fast and innovative. We expected that of course, but there definitely were some surprises. They went with the no huddle a lot, which worked to their advantage. We got an interception, some turnovers and a few sacks, which are all good things. Obviously that wasn't enough to get the game out of their control as the clock wound down.

I will say that watching the game film this morning was extremely difficult. I saw some things that I did pretty well, but I also saw so many things that I missed. My job is to eliminate those missed plays. Nobody on this team can hesitate in their desire to get better. We need to learn from our mistakes and move on. Hopefully these difficulties will ultimately make us stronger.

I did finally get my first NFL sacks. That was a good feeling. I was getting frustrated waiting for that to happen. It was exciting in a way that I hadn't anticipated. What it felt like was when I had a good play in grade school or in high school football. Suddenly you think ‘hey, I can play this game'. When that happens, all your aches and pains go away. Suddenly you're not tired any more. I know that I'll never forget that moment.

I did get hurt a little bit. I missed a few plays it wasn't anything major. I just got the wind knocked out of me. Believe me, in pro football, you don't have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines deciding if you feel good enough to return to the game. If your team needs you, you're out there and you worry about the injuries later. It all worked out fine. I got back in the game and I'm in fine shape right now.

Coming up next week we have a strong offense facing us with the Rams. They were down a little bit earlier in the season just like the Patriots were but they seem to have found their rhythm and are coming on strong now. The fact that this is a nationally televised Monday night game does bring a little added pressure. A lot of NFL players will be watching so everybody on the field will want to look good.

How do we prepare for the Rams? The same as always. Watching game films, working out a defensive plan, and perfecting our moves. The desire to win is just as strong as ever. You can be sure that we all will do everything possible to be sure that is what happens.

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