Chandler returns

<!--Default NodeId For Chris Chandler is 292192,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:292192]>Chris Chandler</A> returned to practice Wednesday after suffering a sprained neck in Sunday's 33-30 loss to <!--Default NodeId For New England is 93,2005--><A HREF=>New England</A>. Upon his return the veteran was named the starting quarterback for the game at <!--Default NodeId For St. Louis is 122,2005--><A HREF=>St. Louis</A>.

Head coach Dick Jauron said the team will monitor Jim Miller's pain and limit his throwing, but the team expects him to be the backup quarterback.

"We're not scheduling Jimmy to throw at all before Monday," Jauron said. "He may throw a little bit on Saturday. We'll just see how he is. But right now we're not planning on Jim throwing the ball much. We'd like to rest that arm for obvious reasons."

Henry Burris will remain the Bears third quarterback, while newly acquired Cory Sauter needs to get acclimated with the system and will not be active until he's ready.

Injury Front: Center Olin Kreutz had an appendectomy Monday night and is listed as questionable on the injury report. Jauron would not say it was an emergency procedure, but said that Kreutz didn't feel well during the game.

"Then I believe what happened was he continued to not feel well," Jauron said. "So we monitored it and his temperature spiked and then they took him to see they did blood tests and found this.

"There is a chance (Kreutz could play). What they've told us is it just depends on Olin feels, how these things heal. I don't believe anybody's going to know that until we got on later into the week."

Kevin Dogins would replace Kreutz if he were unable to play.

Daimon Shelton (ankle) and Larry Whigham (ankle) are both listed as questionable.

Kurt Warner's healing pinky isn't quite ready, so the two-time MVP will backup Mar Bulger against the Bears.

"Kurt won't be available for the game after watching him throw," said Rams head coach Mike Martz. "He probably could start the game and nothing would happen and be just fine. The doctors don't want us to do that. They want another week yet for that bone to heal so that gives him this whole week of practice and next week where he won't get hit so then he's 100% and there's no issues with him whatsoever. If something should happen to Marc injury-wise during the game then we'd re-evaluate it and he could possibly play but he'll be out for the game."

Marshall Faulk, who is the NFC's leader in total yardage, is also listed as questionable with a foot injury.

"He's much better than anticipated and the last two days he's made real good progress," Martz said Wednesday. "He's still real gimpy we'll just have to see. He may not do anything at all this week. It may be a gametime decision where we'll have him go out there early and run around and see how he feels."

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