<!--Default NodeId For Greg Blache is 449107,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:449107]>Greg Blache</A> must get a call to the carpet after the defense allowed the Patriots to come back from a 21-point third quarter lead. The Patriots were patient, and the Bears were not. They outlasted the Bears, and when Blache sold out to blitz, took advantage of the openings. On several plays, the defense was too soft in coverage. There are no excuses for such a second half collapse.

Blache admitted he was still down about the loss.

"When I got out of my bed this morning, I still had pain over the game from Sunday because if you knew the guys I work with and how hard they work, for them not to taste success is hard," Blache said Wednesday. "I got up this morning and I had pain in my heart. I came in here and I went in that meeting and I looked at them and they still had pain and I felt for them."

However, following a spirited morning practice Blache said his perspective changed.

"We went out on the field and I watched them work, and I was so proud of them, the way they come back and they work, as professional as they are and as tough as they are, I always feel better after Wednesday's practice," Blache said. "But these guys lift me. They are what make this business special. They are special people, and to watch them fight and work through all adversity, through all the criticism, I'm damn proud to be their coach. They're really great people. So we'll be back. For me, they're my tonic. They bring me back, and hopefully they're tonic for each other, so we're ready to roll. We've taken our hits, we take some more, but we'll fight you baby. We'll be around fighting for a long time."

At least for the next seven weeks.

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